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Experience the Cambridge University approach to learning firsthand. Immerse yourself in the tutorial teaching methods synonymous with prestigious institutions like Cambridge during our summer courses

Japan's Working Holiday Scheme

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing adventure? Starting April 2024, the door to Japan’s Working Holiday Scheme (WHS) swings wide open for 6,000 young British nationals annually. It’s your chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Japan while fostering understanding and forging connections between the nations.

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🌟 Date & Time: 27th 29th February 2024 

🏰 Location: iae GLOBAL UK’s Office

📚 Why Attend?

  • Receive on-the-spot admission offers
  • Explore diverse academic programs
  • Meet faculty and student representatives
  • Get insights into campus life and facilities

🌍 Who Should Attend?

  • International students aspiring to study in the UK
  • Applicants seeking immediate admission decisions
  • Individuals curious about our vibrant campus community

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As a top 10 UK university for teaching quality and student experience, we redefine education for a global community. Discover a world of possibilities, from diverse cultures to unmatched employability initiatives. Your journey to success starts with a click – explore why London Met is your passport to a transformative education. Ready to redefine your future?

Attention UK bachelor’s and master’s students! 🇬🇧 Are you eager to excel in social care and land a paid placement? The Adult Social Care Diploma Programme – your key to unlocking a skilled work visa in the UK

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Jenny CaoJenny Cao
12:58 25 Jan 24
When I was stressed with my Masters application, I contacted Ms Joyce Bui to seek advice and it was my best decision. Not only she helped me with my application process and visa process, she was always supportive and attentive whenever I need help. We still keep in touch after I enrolled in my course and she always keeps me updated with opportunities that come across. I was very lucky to have the help of hers and iae global. Really recommend!
Rohit ChandRohit Chand
12:13 18 Sep 23
Ayesha SaeedAyesha Saeed
08:00 29 Jun 23
Visited to see Daisy Worarattida for my application, such a nice and decent professional lady and the office environment.
Khanh DoKhanh Do
11:04 13 Jun 23
iea is very professional, their staffs are extremely passionate and helpful. Ms Hanh Bui supported me a lot in my application process so that now I can study at Kingston University.
Nguyen HinnieNguyen Hinnie
11:39 04 Jan 23
During my study abroad journey, I was really lucky to have the enthusiastic help of Ms Hanh Bui. There were really difficult and tiring times and a lot of pressure but April showers brought May flowers I finally made it to the UK thanks to Hanh's help. In general, they are attentive in all process, when I have difficulties, she will try her best to help though the time zone is different. Thank IAELondon
Quang Hưng HoàngQuang Hưng Hoàng
15:14 25 Feb 22
In my study abroad journey, I am really lucky to have the dedicated help of Ms Joyce Bui and Ms Alex. They are always present and supportive despite the covid pandemic raging across the globe. I appreciate the new values, new opportunities, new discoveries they bring to me. There were difficult and tiring times, but they encouraged me a lot. They seem to have experience in helping people who aren't as strong as I was, and I did it. It is easy to understand the process of studying abroad in a methodical and professional manner, especially. I am lucky to meet such people.Thank you IAELondon
Sarah JinSarah Jin
17:51 18 Jan 22
To be honest, I was so lucky to meet IAE on my study abroad journey. Especially, Ms Hanh Bui and Ms Alex, they are all very professional and enthusiasm. They have supported me very on time when ever I need. I appreciate all the values IAE brought to me, new opportunity, new experience life in UK. Thank you IAE London. ♥️

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