About Us

"It all began in 1992..."

We started as a single office in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Over the decades, iae GLOBAL has become one of the largest and most diverse student recruitment organisations in the world

Vision & Values


To that end, we started a business model grounded in several core principles and strategic purpose, which have and continue to revolutionise student recruitment and marketing practices by continuing to set new benchmarks and standards in the international education industry.

What we do differently:

  • We put our student clients before profit.

  • We generally hire counsellors who were once international students themselves and train them to become professional Education Planners (EPs). We consider our highly experienced EPs and staff our most important asset.

  • We focus on building relationships – with our student clients and with all our partners. We work closely with our partner institutions for our students and with our students for our partner institutions.

  • We have designed and developed our own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a leading edge and powerful IT platform that our EPs use to support and service our students continuously. It also enables our EPs to offer them information about educational institutions, career opportunities and carefully planned study pathways tailored to their interests and abilities.

  • We established onshore offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, major study destinations where most of our students look to study so that we can continue providing support and After Care Services to them when they have left home to follow their study plans and dreams. When our students have completed their initial study program, we help them to move forward with subsequent stages of their studies and life.

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Our mission is to:

  • Create a global network for international student recruitment that utilises our successful model and tested system.

  • Provide the platform for business success for our Partners through world’s best practices for education recruitment.

  • Build a comprehensive network of long-term institutional relationships based on mutual benefit.

  • Deliver quality expertise in major international student recruitment locations

  • Guarantee an ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive training and support services for all iae GLOBAL offices and staff.

  • Continue to develop innovative and creative solutions to meet our Partners' needs.

  • Offer a second-to-none business management and student recruitment model.

  • Always put the students’ needs first.

Certifications, Affiliates & Awards

iae GLOBAL is steered by a highly complementary management team, who bring unmatched levels of breadth and depth in experience, expertise and business savvy in international education and related fields.
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